Artist Spotlight: Jenn Grant The Beautiful Wild

The Artist: I have had this album on repeat for the past couple months and have grown to love it more and more. Jenn Grant is one of those artists that, if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon, will make your heart skip a beat. Her smooth and velvety voice cuts through you and connects with your deepest self. She is a mood master; her poetic lyrics and old-school guitar riffs, carry you into the time and space of her songs. You get to experience Jenn Grant’s emotional highs and lows, which are truly beautiful and wild.

The album was released in September 2012 and was produced by her husband and music collaborator, Daniel Ledwell. Grant is currently signed to sixshooterrecords. The album earned Grant the award of best pop recording of the year at this year’s East Coast Music Awards.

 Best For: Snuggle up with a big mug of tea and your favorite companions or grab your keys and hit the road—this is the perfect backtrack for a soul-searching journey on the open road under summer skies.

Check out these songs by Jenn Grant from the album, The Beautiful Wild:

Photo Credit: sixshooterrecords